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A computer graphics display system including random access raster memory for storing data to be displayed, a raster memory control unit for writing data into the raster memory, a video control unit for causing such information to be displayed on a CRT display screen, a micro control unit for controlling the function and timing of the raster memory control unit and the video control unit, and a computer adapter for facilitating data exchange between the micro control unit and a host computer. The displayed image can have extremely high complexity with essentially no problem of display flicker. Zoom and pan features allow the use of a very complex stored image in a flexible manner, and a split-screen technique enables an operator to work on a very complex picture at a detail level while still having an overview of the total picture, or any portion thereof, simultaneously presented before him. The split-screen feature also allows the simultaneous display of alphanumeric messages such as prompts, menus, or X-Y readouts added to the graphics display and a small area of the raster memory is usually reserved for this purpose. An XOR feature allows a selective erase that restores lines crossing or concurrent with erased lines. The XOR feature permits part of the drawing to be moved or "dragged" into place without erasing other parts of the drawing.

Raster scan display apparatus for dynamically viewing image elements stored in a random access memory array
Application Number
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October 9, 1979
Publication Date
April 5, 1983
Greg J Tilden
San Jose
Josef S Sukonick
Spensley Horn Jubas & Lubitz
Xtrak Corporation
G09G 1/16
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