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A method and apparatus for inserting additional data between items of data stored in a store, in which the data is in the form of blocks of uniform block length, by the insertion of additional items of data which are to be inserted, as an additional block of equal block length, following a (n - 1 ).sup.th block, in which a first storage of the (n).sup.th block of the store is effected, the additional block inserted in the store in place of the (n).sup.th block, transferring the (n).sup.th block from the first storage thereof and effecting a second storage thereof, subsequently transferring all the following blocks individually from the store into the first storage and, following each such first storage, inserting the block contained in the second storage into the store, and transferring, in each case, the block contained in the first storage into the second storage thereof.

Method and apparatus for inserting additional data between data previously stored in a store
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July 11, 1974
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December 30, 1975
Schlossbauer Hubert
Queisser Rudolf
Hill Gross Simpson Van Santen Steadman Chiara & Simpson
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
G06F 11/00
G11B 27/00
G11B 27/32
G11B 27/29
G11B 27/31
G11B 20/18
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