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A device for distribution of playing-cards, the device comprising a cavity dapted to accommodate two packs of playing-cards arranged parallel to each other and in a side-by-side relationship, and pressure means adapted to press said two packs into contact with movable retainer means. The cavity is provided with at least one aperture for communication with the outside, and the movable retainer means are adapted to be operated in a step-by-step manner for exerting, at each step, a grazing action on one card of each pack to cause at least said card to slide, relative to the remaining cards of the respective pack, towards said aperture of the cavity and into a position in which it can be drawn from the outside through said aperture.

Device for distribution of playing-cards
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September 9, 1974
Publication Date
December 30, 1975
Mattioli Luciano
Ladas Parry Von Gehr Goldsmith & Deschamps
SITAV Societa Incremento Turistico Alberghiero Valdostano
A63F 01/14
A63F 01/00
A63F 01/14
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