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A fluid transfer umbilical assembly for use in a zero gravity environment, the umbilical being constructed and arranged to contain the end forces developed during pressurization of the umbilical, thereby preventing elongation or longitudinal growth, whereby the umbilical is maintained flexible to facilitate the maneuverability of an astronaut to whom the line is attached. The umbilical assembly may include a single tube or hose, or a cluster of tubes, and in one embodiment a tensioned cable extends longitudinally within the umbilical assembly and is connected at each end to a respective end fitting on the umbilical assembly. In another embodiment, in lieu of the tensioned cable, a cluster of tubes is positioned within an outer retaining jacket which is pressurized thereby permitting the design of the inner tubes to be based on a pressure differential. The umbilical assembly may be encapsulated by a ball and socket-type housing adapted to be selectively placed in compression thus rigidifying the entire length of the umbilical, whereby the position and particular shape of the umbilical at the time of compression of the housing will be maintained.

Fluid transfer umbilical assembly for use in zero gravity environment
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September 8, 1972
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December 30, 1975
Richter Harold J
O Boyle James G
Chin Gay
DeArment Phillip L
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F16L 39/02
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F16L 11/22
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