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An improvement is provided in the forming and vulcanizing of organic peroxide vulcanizable polymers in a long-land die by the use of a special class of forming coagents characterized byA. a viscosity of at least 0.5 centi-stokes and at most 3,000 centi-stokes at 235.degree.C.,b. an absorption ratio to the said polymer at 150.degree.C. for 45 hours less than 100 mg./cm.sup.2.,C. not being gelled even in contact with said organic peroxide in the course of vulcanization, andD. not being boiled in the course of vulcanization.Electrical cable having a vulcanized insulation layer made according to the present invention is characterized by an excellent continuous surface layer free of voids and bubbles.

Method for forming and vulcanizing vulcanizable materials
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November 19, 1973
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December 23, 1975
Matsui Masatake
Otsuji Masaaki
Takahashi Kiyoshi
Fuwa Masaru
Armstrong Nikaido & Wegner
Dainichi Nippon Cables
Mitsubishi Petrochemical
B29F 03/10
H01B 13/06
H01B 13/14
B29C 70/68
B29C 47/88
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B29C 47/08
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