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A down-hole pump and inflatable packer apparatus for employment with tubular members in a well bore for isolating a desired zone or zones at one or more elevations in a well bore without the necessity of removing the apparatus from the well bore. The apparatus includes pump structure which employs a tubular pump piston longitudinally reciprocable within the apparatus in response to the rotation of a pump driving mandrel within the apparatus by the tubular members to which the apparatus is connected. The pump piston is operatively connected to the pump driving mandrel by means of cam follower lugs formed on the pump piston which are engaged with corresponding camming grooves or slots formed in the pump driving mandrel. The apparatus further discloses the employment of pump intake or exhaust check valve assemblies each employing a plurality of annular valve seal rings of substantially V-shaped cross-section and formed of relatively flexible material to form a one-way check valve structure.

Down-hole pump and inflatable packer apparatus
Application Number
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December 20, 1974
Publication Date
December 16, 1975
Anderson Merlin F
Cummins Alonzo E
Evans Robert T
Tregoning John H
Halliburton Company
E21B 33/127
E21B 43/00
E21B 33/124
E21B 33/127
E21B 33/12
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