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An electronic package is provided having a wide degree of flexibility for terfacing a plurality of different and changeable modules in accordance with specific requirements for systems and equipments, old and new, that the package is to accommodate. The package is constructed with inner and outer nested chassis units with the connecting cables and module socket connections so arranged that the inner chassis can be readily removed as a package from the outer chassis through a front opening therein. The front opening in the outer chassis is closeable by a door that resiliently biases the inner chassis to a connected position, and also seals the inner chassis from radio frequency interference. A common dual bus-bar electrically interfaces a plurality of plug-in modules that may be randomly connected.

General purpose electronic interface equipment package
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July 1, 1974
Publication Date
December 9, 1975
Ebert Robert H
Rubens G J
Sciascia R S
The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Navy
H05K 07/14
H05K 07/14
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