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An improved polyester yarn is prepared by applying to the yarn a finish composition consisting essentially of a polyalkylene glycol compound having the formula ##EQU1## in which R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 are the same or different lower alkylene units such as ethylene, propylene and so forth up to 5 carbon atoms, R is an alkyl group containing 5 to 17 carbon atoms, and n has a value to produce a molecular weight of at least about 300. Preferably, the yarn is thereafter heated for 10 to 160 seconds at a temperature of from about 215.degree. to 230.degree.C. The yarn is particularly useful in the production of tire cord.

Production of polyester yarn
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April 1, 1974
Publication Date
December 9, 1975
Dardoufas Kimon Constantine
Marshall Robert Moore
Kelly Fred L
Allied Chemical Corporation
D02M 13/20
D02G 03/36
D06M 15/53
D06M 15/37
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