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A process for imparting scale-resistant properties to substrate surfaces normally susceptible to mineral scale formation while in contact with mineralized water containing less than about 5 percent hydrocarbons and wherein any heat flow is from the substrate surface into the mineralized water comprising the steps of applying to said surfaces normally susceptible to scale formation a scale-resistant amount of partially cured polyurethane resin sufficient to coat said surfaces said resin containing pendant polyoxyalkylene chains obtained by including in the polyurethane reactive mixture, monohydric polyethers, a portion of which have the structural formulawherein R = alkyl, aryl or other radical which is nonreactive with isocyanate functional groups, R' = alkyl, and n is an integer from about 3 to about 50, and further curing the partially cured polyurethane resin to a degree such that said resin possesses good adhesion to said substrate, stability to in-service environmental conditions, but without significantly altering the integrity of the pendant polyoxyalkylene chains in the further cured polyurethane resin.

Scale control
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October 10, 1972
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December 9, 1975
Tate Jack F
Hughes James W
Sample Jr Thomas E
Priem Kenneth R
Ries Carl G
Whaley Thomas H
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