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A process for producing a fully cured, infusible coating which when applied to surfaces normally susceptible to the deposition of mineral scale substantially improves the resistance of such surfaces to mineral scale comprising, (1) applying to a substrate whose scale resistance is to be improved an acid or base catalyzed phenolic-aldehyde resin condensate containing a substantial number of reactive hydroxyl groups which are susceptible to oxyalkylation by a base catalyzed reaction with alkylene carbonate; and (2) contacting the resin condensate coated on the substrate with a catalytic quantity of basic catalyst and at least two moles of molten alkylene carbonate per mole of phenolic hydroxyl groups at a temperature ranging from about 350.degree. to 380.degree.F. until the surface of the coated substrate is converted into a surface with substantially improved scale-resistant properties; then (3) curing the resin until it is a fully cured, infusible coating bonded to the noramlly scale-susceptible surface.

Scale control
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May 30, 1972
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November 25, 1975
Tate Jack F
Sample Jr Thomas E
Priem Kenneth R
Ries C G
Whaley T H
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