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A tension link control device generally comprised of an inner cylinder and n outer cylinder with a uniquely configured fracture link connected therebetween. The link has a specially configured thread and cross sectional area which permits a considerable amount of axial play in the threads. Slots are provided at the interface end of the outer cylinder. Tapped holes are provided in the inner cylinder to align the slots. The inner cylinder has a flange which mates with the outer cylinder assembly. The axial compression loads are absorbed in the outer housing by allowing the cylinders to contact before axial play in the threads will allow compression to be transmitted to the fracture link.

Tension link control device
Application Number
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September 20, 1974
Publication Date
November 25, 1975
McCullough Thomas W
Curry Charles D B
Sciascia R S
The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Navy
F16B 07/18
F16G 11/00
F16P 05/00
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