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A logic circuit including a first multi-emitter input transistor for determining a logical AND function of input signals, a second multi-emitter transistor for amplifying the logical AND function and isolating the collector reactance and base circuitry of the input transistor from the remainder of the logic circuit, an output amplifier for transferring the amplified logical function to succeeding logic stages, and level shifting circuitry for preventing deterioration of the signal level of the output of the logic circuit. The level shifting circuitry includes elements for determining the input level necessary for initiating the level-shifting, a constant current sink and a current source.

Standardizing logic gate
Application Number
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April 8, 1974
Publication Date
November 18, 1975
Lacher William A
Chung Edmund M
Feeney Jr Edward J
Peterson Kevin R
Burroughs Corporation
H03K 19/22
H03K 19/88
H03K 19/82
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