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A system for controlling the infusion of fluid to an operating field at a selected predetermined pressure, as a counterpart to an instrument for severing material from an object in the field, and for evacuating the severed material from the field in a suspension or emulsion of the infusion fluid. The system includes safety features for preventing a low pressure in the operating field, to thereby prevent a surge of fluid from the field, and referencing infusion and evacuation pressures to that of the operating field. In addition, the basic electrical functions of the entire system are operated by a single control.

Surgical system for controlling the infusion of fluid to and the evacuation of fluid and material from an operating field
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June 3, 1974
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November 18, 1975
Banko Anton
Darby & Darby
A61M 01/00
A61M 01/00
A61F 09/07
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