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An electrical magnet having a support structure which comprises a flat plate of structural material and abutment means engaging the conductor of the electrical magnet to the plate. The abutment means may comprise a groove in a face of the plate which receives and restrains the conductor, a raised flange on a face of the plate which forms such a groove, or a flange which extends around and is affixed to the periphery of the plate and which is formed to fit tightly over a coiled conductor. When current is flowing in the conductor of the magnet, all points on the conductor will experience a magnetically induced force, one component of which is in an outward direction parallel to the plane of the plate. The abutment means opposes this component of the force and transmits it to the plate, which is consequently stressed in tension in two dimensions. Several individual magnets supported by the support structure may be combined to form large magnets having solenoidal, toroidal or other configurations. The magnets may be built with a normal or a superconducting electrical conductor.

Support structure for a superconducting magnet
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July 5, 1974
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November 11, 1975
Peterson Harold A
Boom Roger W
Young Warren C
Engstrom Harry C
Winter John M
Long Theodore J
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
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