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A method and apparatus for converting oxides of nitrogen to nitric oxide is disclosed wherein the gas to be treated is passed through a plurality of alumina tubes each containing a wire of catalytic material which is wound into and through the tubes. The wire, preferably platinum, is connected to a source of electrical energy for resistively heating the wire. In its fashion, the gas to be treated flowing through the tubes is forced into intimate contact with the heated wire of catalyst material to speed the reaction and conversion of the gas to nitric oxide.

Catalytic preparation of NO
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November 30, 1973
Publication Date
November 11, 1975
Gould Robert Kindade
Aceto Roger
Roessel Theodore B
Aerochem Research Labs
C01B 21/24
G01N 33/00
C01B 21/28
C01B 21/26
C01B 21/00
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