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A manure storage pit pump for attachment to a tractor having a power output shaft and a hitch means for loading manure into a liquid manure transfer tank mounted on a vehicle such as a spreader vehicle or a truck, or for agitating manure in a storage pit. The pump includes a support frame for detachable engagement with the hitch means, and an elongated main frame having one end operatively supported by the support frame. An elongated drive shaft is rotatably carried on the main frame and it is operatively connected to an impeller means which is carried on the main frame. The drive shaft is operatively connected to the usual tractor power output shaft for rotating the drive shaft. An auger means is operatively attached to the drive shaft for moving manure from the manure storage pit into the impeller means. A transfer pipe means is operatively connected to the impeller means for receiving manure from the impeller means and selectively conveying the manure either to the tank on the spreader vehicle or truck, or back into the storage pit for agitating the manure in the storage pit.

Manure storage pit pump
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January 14, 1974
Publication Date
October 28, 1975
Nesseth Clifford A
Mentag Robert G
F04D 29/38
F04D 29/28
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B01F 13/00
F04D 07/04
F04D 07/00
F04D 29/60
A01C 03/02
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