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A high density ethylene polymer blend having improved impact strength and environmental stress crack resistance comprises a high molecular weight, non-elastomeric ethylene/propylene copolymer having a crystallinity of at least 5 percent and an intermediate molecular weight, high density ethylene polymer. The improved ethylene polymer blend is provided by a dual zone, low pressure, Ziegler solution polymerization process wherein (1) ethylene and propylene are copolymerized at a low pressure and solution temperatures in presence of a titanium-containing catalyst in an auxiliary polymerization zone, (2) ethylene is polymerized in a primary polymerization zone at low pressure and solution temperature in the presence of a titanium-containing catalyst and (3) the resulting solutions of the reaction products of both zones are combined to form an essentially homogeneous mixture.

Ethylene polymer blend and polymerization process for preparation thereof
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June 10, 1974
Publication Date
October 21, 1975
Mitchell John H
Jenkins M S
The Dow Chemical Company
C08f 37/18
C08F 10/00
C08F 10/02
C08F 210/16
C08L 23/04
C08F 210/00
C08L 23/00
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