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Apparatus is disclosed particularly suitable for use at automobile and truck fuel tank filling stations, at tank truck loading stations and other storage and dispensing facilities, and preferably utilizing the pressure attendant upon the handling of combustible vapors such as those of gasoline, fuel oil, jet fuel, and other volatile combustible liquids, separating the vapor from the combustible liquid, and smokelessly burning the combustible vapor. The structure for burning is adapted for disposal of vapors over a wide fluctuation of firing rates and compositions, and has provisions to avoid flash back, to protect the system in the event of excessive operating temperatures and provisions for noise reduction.

Vapor disposal system
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September 16, 1974
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October 21, 1975
Straitz III John F
Wobensmith III Zachary T
Wobensmith 2nd Zachary T
Combustion Unlimited Incorporated
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B67D 05/01
F23G 07/06
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B67D 05/04
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