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The disclosure is directed to the method and structure of artifically inducing the return of arrested body functions caused by paralytic ileus and pain associated therewith after surgery or accidental trauma on the human body. The equipment is in the form of electronic circuits producing a generally rectangular or square wave shape which is variable from 10 to 300 pulses per second having a pulse width of 50 to 1,000 microseconds. The circuit includes a pair of constant current amplifiers capable of supplying two different output signals having a pulse amplitude of 80 milliamperes maximum current to provide a current density range of 1 to 50 .times. 10.sup..sup.-6 amperes per square millimeter depending on the electrode area or size. Electrodes are connected to current generators and placed on the body in the area of the lower abdomen in accidental trauma or close to the area of incision post operatively. Posterior electrodes may also be placed on the body as well as over the nerves and particularly the intercostal nerves leading to the site of the incision to further aid in restoring body functions.Electrodes are also connected to current generators and placed on the body at various locations where a traumatic condition and/or surgery produce a number of localized areas of pain. The application of the electrical pulses stimulates the body and restores its body functions and alleviates the normal problem associated with surgery in the chest cavity, the abdominal cavity and also generally reduces the pain associated therwith.The use of electrodes may also be connected to current generators and placed adjacent to, or within a localized area in the treatment or prevention of paralytic ileus without regard to what brought it on.

Method and structure of preventing and treating ileus, and reducing acute pain by electrical pulse stimulation
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March 1, 1974
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October 14, 1975
Hymes Alan C
Hagfors Norman R
Simkanich John J
Stimulation Technology
A61N 01/36
A61N 01/36
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