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My invention relates to a device for containing medication and for indicating the time when such medication should be taken. The device comprises a base having a plurality of compartments arranged in a circle, and a cover rotatably carried by the base and overlying the compartments.A circular wall defines the outer peripheral portions of the compartments and a circular ledge circumscribes the wall and has an upwardly facing saw-tooth edge. A screw-threaded hub extends upwardly from the center portion of the compartments.The cover is formed of a transparent material, such as clear plastic, and is in the form of a circular disc with a central opening to pass the threaded hub, and an off-center opening, which may be aligned with a selected compartment. The cover has a depending peripheral flange with a saw-tooth edge which is complementary to the edge of the circular ledge. An internally threaded cap is threaded on the hub to hold the cover in place and against unintentional rotation by reason of the fact that the complementary saw-tooth edges are held in mating relationship.All, or selected compartments, are filled with prescribed medicinal tablets and each compartment is marked with a prescribed indicia, such as certain hours of the day. At the prescribed time, the user will rotate the cap in a direction to permit a slight elevation of the cover to disengage the saw-tooth edges, whereby the cover may be rotated to align the cover opening with the desired compartment. The cap is then threaded to move the cover onto the compartments and to engage the saw-tooth edges, and the device may be inverted to remove the tablet from the compartment, through the opening in the cover.If the medication to be taken is in liquid form, a reminder, such as a miniature teaspoon or tablespoon, may be placed in the prescribed compartments.

Medication dispenser and schedule reminder
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August 28, 1974
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October 14, 1975
Ewing Charles C
Williams Michael
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