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A manufactured meat product having the appearance of a natural cut of meat and the method of forming the same. The meat product has a periphery formed of a unitary fat cover having a fat side and a lean side and a center formed of a mixture of meat pieces and a binder. The meat pieces and the binder are bound to each other as well as to the lean side of the fat cover. The product is formed by providing such a fat cover and mixture of meat ingredients, surrounding a stuffing horn with the fat cover with the lean side thereof facing the horn, placing a mold about the horn and the fat cover and delivering the mixture to the mold through the horn. Binding is achieved by heat processing.

Method of making a natural appearing meat product
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June 15, 1973
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October 7, 1975
Weatherspoon J B
Hofgren Wegner Allen Stellman & McCord
Peter Eckrich & Sons
A22c 18/00
A22C 07/00
A23L 01/31
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