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Contact of negatively charged biological cells is promoted by dispersion within the cell medium of a minor amount of a polyquaternary polymeric amine known as an ionene. Adhesion of the cells to normally negatively charged surfaces such as glass or plastic tissue culture devices is stimulated by pretreating the surfaces of the devices with a dilute solution of the ionene polymer. Increased cell adhesion and growth is demonstrated for both normal and transformed cells. Experiments have verified that cells grow at a more rapid rate on the surface of an ionene treated container than in the most effective treated containers that are commercially available.

Treatment of surfaces to stimulate biological cell adhesion and growth
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February 19, 1974
Publication Date
October 7, 1975
Rounds Donald E
Stroud Schmink F Agnes
Ingram Marylou
Rembaum Alan
Jacobs Marvin E
California Institute of Technology
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C12N 01/38
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