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A heat insulated flexible connection for a cryoprobe comprises an inner tube for the passage of a cooling medium which is advantageously flexible and arranged within an outer tube portion defining a return flow space for the cooling medium and held in position by axially arranged spacers. The outer tubular portion is surrounded by a plurality of axially arranged insulation rings which have ends which may be loosely interengaged to permit flexible movement of the tube and which are shaped so as to space an outer cover from the outer tube which surrounds the inner cooling tube. The flexible tube is connectable to a probe which includes a tubular probe housing having an end which is closed and defines a probe contact surface. The inner tube of the flexible tube extends into the housing and terminates short of the surface in a space which defines an evaporation chamber adjacent the probe contact surface. A surrounding intermediate tube arranged within the housing around the inner tube defines a return flow space and also an insulation space between it and the outer housing. Heater means are contained in the housing which advantageously are located in the housing wall or in the tube surrounding the inner coolant supply tube.

Cryoprobe and flexible connector therefor
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April 24, 1974
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October 7, 1975
Zimmer Hildebrand
McGlew and Tuttle
F16L 11/18
F16L 11/12
A61B 17/36
A61B 17/00
F16L 59/153
F16L 59/00
A61B 18/00
A61B 18/02
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