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A signal processing system for processing an analog signal which has been quantized by suitable sampling techniques, different portions of the quantized data information having different significances. The processing is accomplished so as to improve the overall error characteristics of the system wherein the quantized data information is encoded for transmission, the quantized data being selectively handled in the encoding process so that the more significant quantized data information is encoded in such a manner that it is afforded more protection from error during transmission than the less significant quantized data information. A receiver system appropriately decodes the encoded transmitted information by selectively reforming the arrangement of the quantized data information in conformity with the selective arrangement provided in the transmitter encoding process. The reformed quantized data information is then converted to an analog signal representing the analog signal processed by the transmitting system.

Signal processing system
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February 28, 1974
Publication Date
September 30, 1975
Gish Herbert
Bussgang Julian J
O Connell Robert F
H04B 01/66
H03M 13/35
H04L 27/18
H03M 13/00
H04L 01/00
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