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There is provided a light emitting system comprising an oscillator for generating oscillations at a high frequency, a fixed coil adapted to be energized by the output of the oscillator, a movable coil electromagnetically coupled with the fixed coil and adapted to be energized by the intermittent energization of the fixed coil, and a light emitting element connected to the movable coil to form a closed circuit and adapted to give light by an exciting current produced by the energization of the movable coil. The system thus eliminates the use of any mechanical sliding contact unit.

Light emitting system
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June 25, 1974
Publication Date
September 30, 1975
Kotera Masao
Hinachi Matatoyo
Wakamatsu Hisato
Cushman Darby & Cushman
Nippon Soken
H05b 33/02
B60q 03/04
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G01R 01/02
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H01F 38/00
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