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In an establishment in which wagers are placed on the outcome of a fortuitous event, such as the roll of a pair of dice, the spin of a roulette wheel, the result of a horse race, or the like, a player operates a remote selector panel on which a register displays a previously established credit balance. Bets on the event are made from the panel by wagering any amount up to the limit of the credit balance. The amount wagered is automatically deducted from the credit balance, and in the event of a win the amount wagered is multiplied by a predetermined odds factor for the event and added to the credit balance.

Data-processing system for determining gains and losses from bets
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March 4, 1974
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September 30, 1975
Levy David
Dubno Herbert
Ross Karl F
A63B 71/06
A63F 05/04
G06Q 50/00
A63F 03/08
G07F 17/34
G07F 17/32
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