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The present invention relates to the field of medicine, and more particularly to vascular surgery, with particular reference to a device for the eversion of hollow organs and a vascular stapling instrument.According to the invention, a device for the eversion of hollow organs, comprising a bush, whereinto the hollow organ end to be everted is introduce, is provided with spikes, whereon the edge of said hollow organ end is pinned, which spikes are arranged on their base along a contour conforming to the lateral guide surface of said bush, said base being mounted so as to move freely along said bush.The disclosed device for the eversion of hollow organs is recommended for use in instruments for suturing of hollow organs and, inter alia, vascular stapling instruments.

Device for the eversion of hollow organs and vascular stapling instrument incorporating same
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July 6, 1973
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September 30, 1975
Mashinistov Boris Fedorovich
Potekhina Lidia Alexandrovna
Razgulov Mikhail Mikhailovich
Waters Schwartz & Nissen
A61B 17/11
A61B 17/11
A61B 17/03
A61B 17/115
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