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A low-density, soft, bulky and absorbent paper sheet exhibiting a diamond-shaped pattern in its surface after creping, said paper being characterized by having a cross-directional stretch of from about 3.5 percent to about 6 percent, as well as improved softness, surface feel and drape, said paper sheet being particularly suitable for use in tissue, toweling and sanitary products. The aforesaid paper sheets are produced by impressing a dot-dash knuckle pattern, wherein the long axis of the dash impressions is aligned parallel to the machine direction of papermaking, using the back side of a monofilament, polymeric fiber, semi-twill fabric of selected coarseness, the knuckle imprint area of which constitutes between about 20 percent and about 50 percent of the total fabric surface area, as measured in the plane of the knuckles, on an uncompacted paper web at selected fiber consistencies, induced by thermal predrying, prior to final drying and creping.

Process for forming absorbent paper by imprinting a semi-twill fabric knuckle pattern thereon prior to final drying and paper thereof
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April 1, 1974
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September 16, 1975
Ayers Peter G
Gorman John V
Braun Frederick H
Linman E Kelly
The Procter & Gamble Company
D21H 05/24
D21F 11/00
D21F 11/14
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