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A multiprogrammed multiprocessing information processing system having independently operating computing, input/output, and memory modules through an exchange, and interacting with a multi-level operating system designed to automatically makes optimum use of all system resources by controlling system resources and by scheduling jobs in the multiprogramming mix of the processing system. In operation, the operating system insures that all system resources are automatically allocated to meet the needs of the programs introduced into the system as well as insuring the continuous and automatic reassignment of resources, the initiation of new jobs, and the monitoring of their performance. System reliability is achieved by the incorporation of error detection circuit throughout the system, by single-bit correction of errors in memory, by recording errors for software analysis and by modularization and redundacy of critical elements.

Large scale multi-level information processing system employing improved failsaft techniques
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August 15, 1973
Publication Date
September 9, 1975
Perpiglia Frank Joseph
Peterson Kevin R
Feeney Jr Edward J
Chung Edmund M
Burroughs Corporation
G06f 15/16
G06f 11/06
G06F 01/26
G06F 11/22
G06F 11/07
G06F 12/14
G06F 11/20
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