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A calibration curve for a test circuit alone is first memorized by the system and is then automatically subtracted from subsequent response measurements of a test device placed in the test circuit to give just the response characteristics caused by the test device. In one preferred embodiment, the scale factor of a sensitivity control is also memorized along with the calibration data and is used to control an attenuation circuit between the calibration memory and the circuit which subtracts the stored calibration signal from the test device measurement signal to thereby allow the display sensitivity to be changed after the calibration signal has been recorded without introduction of measurement error.

Swept frequency measurement system
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August 5, 1974
Publication Date
September 9, 1975
Britton Jr Ralph H
Limbach Limbach & Sutton
Pacific Measurements
G01R 27/00
G01R 27/00
G01R 27/30
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