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Apparatus for positioning a workpiece and tool in a precise location relative to each other by positioning in a predetermined site the workpiece, and then positioning the tool in a precise predetermined position relative to the site in minimum total time. The apparatus comprises a closed loop position and velocity sensitive servo system connected to the workpiece, the servo system including positioning apparatus for positioning the workpiece in a predetermined site. A position indicator determines the actual position of the workpiece relative to compared, fixed reference and emits a signal output which is compsred, in an error generator, with the desired position of the workpiece relative to the reference. The difference signal, from the error generator, is applied to the positioner and is used to bring the workpiece into the site. The positioner is provided with velocity feedback which cooperates with the positioning signal from the error generator to drive the workpiece into the predetermined site. Thereafter the error between the actual position address and the desired position address, although very small, is fed to second apparatus for positioning the tool a very small amount to precisely position the tool relative to the workpiece.The purpose of this abstract is to enable the public and the Patent Office to determine rapidly the subject matter of the technical disclosure of the application. This abstract is neither intended to define the invention of the application nor is it intended to be limiting as to the scope thereof.

Precision tool and workpiece positioning apparatus
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September 10, 1973
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September 9, 1975
Rabstejnek Carl V
Hassan Javathu K
Dick William J
International Business Machines Corporation
G05B 11/18
G05B 19/39
G05B 19/19
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