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An interconnection system for interconnecting a plurality of planar electronic circuit boards each of the circuit boards including a plurality of contact portions for providing electrical coupling, the system including a support sheet disposed between each pair of planar electronic circuit boards; a plurality of coupling elements disposed in each support sheet, electrically insulated from the other coupling elements on that support sheet, and aligned with the contact portions on the adjacent planar electronic circuit boards for providing electrical, mechanical and thermal coupling between the planar electronic circuit boards, each of the coupling elements having two ends, one end extending beyond the support sheet on each side, each end having a small cross-sectional area for increasing the contact pressure between it and a corresponding contact portion to provide a tight connection between the contact portion and a coupling element.

Interconnection of planar electronic structures
Application Number
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March 26, 1973
Publication Date
September 9, 1975
Martin Jacob H
Iandiorio Joseph S
Santa Martin M
Smith Jr Arthur A
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
H05k 01/04
H02b 01/02
H05K 03/36
H05K 03/32
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