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Chlorine dioxide, chlorine, alkali metal hydroxide and hydrogen are produced from hydrogen chloride, alkali metal chlorate, alkali metal chloride and water in a three compartment electrolytic cell in which a buffer compartment between the anode and cathode compartments is separated from the anode compartment by an anion-active permselective membrane and from the cathode compartment by a cation-active permselective membrane. Hydrogen chloride is fed to the anode compartment, aqueous alkali metal chlorate and chloride are fed to the buffer compartment and water is fed to the cathode compartment, with chlorine dioxide and chlorine being taken off from the anode compartment while hydrogen and alkali metal hydroxide substantially free of alkali metal chloride are produced in and removed from the cathode compartment.The products of the process are obtained in a single vessel in forms suitable for use in pulping wood and bleaching wood pulp without production of undesirable byproducts that create disposal problems or require further processing for conversion to useful products.

Electrolytic production of chlorine dioxide, chlorine, alkali metal hydroxide and hydrogen
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January 2, 1974
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September 9, 1975
Eng Jeffrey D
Harke Cyril J
Casella Peter F
Hooker Chemicals & Plastics Corporation
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