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An electro-mechanical system for providing an opposing force to movement of a simulated control member in a grounded flight trainer. The invention utilizes an electric motor connected to the control member by a flexible element which, in the disclosed embodiment, comprises a continuous cable with a predetermined amount of slack. This allows some degree of differential movement between the control member and motor, to which a pair of position potentiometers are respectively connected, thereby converting the differential position to an electrical signal which is used, together with other factors, to control movement of the motor.

Apparatus for simulating aircraft control loading
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March 27, 1970
Publication Date
September 9, 1975
Carver Fred F
Sylvester Amedeo A
Diamond John A
Rothenberg Jeffrey
Kesterson James C
The Singer Company
G09B 09/08
G09B 09/28
G09B 09/02
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