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A fluidic control system for use in irrigation and aspiration of the anterior chamber of the eye during ultrasonic emulsification of a cataract therein. The system comprises a handpiece with an (ultrasonically vibrated) hollow tip, the hollow tip being connected to the fluid withdrawal or aspirating portion, while an annular passage around the tip is used to introduce fluid for irrigation purposes. The aspirating portion comprises a withdrawal hose attached to the output manifold of the handpiece in fluid communication with the hollow tip, a constant flow pump attached to the other end of the withdrawal hose, and a vacuum relief valve connected to the withdrawal hose intermediate the pump and the handpiece. The irrigation portion comprises a fluid supply bottle at a predetermined height above the eye, and administration set attached to the bottle, and an inflow hose attached to the intake manifold of the handpiece and in fluid communication with the annular passage. All the aforementioned components are in fluid communication with the anterior chamber of the eye during removal of a cataract by insertion of the handpiece tip into the eye chamber.

Flow control system
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January 28, 1974
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September 2, 1975
Broadwin Alan
Weiss Steven N
Sperber Philip
Pohl Philip H
Cavitron Corporation
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