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One or more reference beams from a low-power HeNe laser are multiplexed onto the optical path of a pulsed or Q-switched high-power YAG laser and thereby suffer the same deflection in galvanometer-type deflection apparatus used to deflect the main beam as does the main beam. The reference beams are next split off, prior to the impingement of the YAG beam on the workpiece to be machined, and passed through reference grids. After the beams pass through the reference grids, photodiodes generate signals which can be used to determine precisely where the YAG beam will impinge upon the workpiece when next energized.

Control system using multiplexed laser beams
Application Number
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May 2, 1974
Publication Date
August 26, 1975
Zaleckas Vincent Joseph
Sheffield B W
Pfeifle E W
Western Electric Company Incorporated
B23K 27/00
B23K 26/04
B23K 26/08
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