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A vehicle body restraint belt retractor whose belt reel locking preventing belt extension is actuated by swinging movement of a metallic pendulum. The pendulum is supported between parallel side walls of the retractor housing by a plastic support member in a depending vertical orientation horizontally adjacent the belt reel and swings from this orientation in response to abrupt vehicle acceleration or deceleration in any horizontal direction. A metallic locking member of the retractor has a generally fork-like configuration and is pivotally supported by various arrangements between the side walls of the retractor for movement in a metal-to-metal rattle free manner between a locked position where its tine portions engage the upper side of the belt reel and an unlocked position to which the locking member is gravity biased by its handle portion. The handle portion of the locking member carries a plastic button which is moved upwardly by an upper control portion of the pendulum during its swinging movement so as to move the locking member to locked position and thereby prevent belt extension. The alternating plastic-to-metal-to-plastic relationship of the pendulum support member, the pendulum, and the plastic button on the handle portion of the locking member provides substantially frictionless locking of the retractor in a rattle free manner. A corrugated cover of the retractor is snapped into position between the side walls of the housing with its corrugations extending normal to the planes of these walls so as to prevent movement of the walls toward each other.

Restraint belt retractor with pendulum actuated locking
Application Number
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June 14, 1974
Publication Date
August 26, 1975
Meyer Barthold F
Griffin Henry W
Dully Floyd I
Leahy Charles E
General Motors Corporation
B65H 75/48
B60R 22/34
B60R 22/40
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