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A weapon direct fire kill simulator system in which a laser transmitter ms of dual mode, narrow and broad beam projection, capability, a hit receiver-actuator means and hit indication means all fixed to a weapon to be simulated and having a trigger switch are combined with a man target means having retroreflective apparel or patches to reflect the narrow fire beam back to the hit receiver-actuator and combined also with a 360.degree. kill detector-actuator means to receive the kill beam to actuate a kill indicator alarm also made a part of the man target wearing apparel.The invention also contemplates a timing means and adjustable range gate means to disable the system when the target is beyond the simulated weapon's range, comparator means to eliminate noise signals below the value of the hit indicator signals, and disabling means to inactivate a man target once hit.In composite, the system provides immediate hit indication to the trainee and kill indication to the man target while also correcting for weapon characteristics.

Laser system for weapon fire simulation
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June 24, 1974
Publication Date
August 12, 1975
Marshall Albert H
Pease John W
Sciascia Richard S
The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Navy
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F41G 03/00
F41G 03/26
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