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Flat parallel plates are assembled onto a flexible pouch slack filled with fluid. The plates are lockably held but free to move expandably to a limited extent while maintaining interplate planar parallelism. The assembled plates holding the pouch are inserted into a plate retaining holder which bears yieldably against the plate outermost surfaces to accommodate the interplate planar parallel movement of the plates occasioned by subjecting the pouch and its contents while held in the assembled apparatus to rapid freezing in a cryogenic medium.

Expandable holder apparatus for flattening and freezing fluid-containing flexible pouches
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
September 23, 1974
Publication Date
August 5, 1975
Faust Clifford C
Ryan M W
Union Carbide Corporation
B29d 31/00
A61M 01/02
F25D 25/00
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