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An air cargo barrier net having a front net section releasably attached within an aircraft cargo compartment in restraining contact with the forwardmost cargo load, an integral top net section attached over the upper surface of the cargo load, and connecting lines quick-releasably connected from the front and top net sections to existing cargo tiedown rings installed on the floor of the cargo compartment. The upper surface of the front net section is slidably attached to a pair of horizontal tracks mounted on the ceiling of the cargo compartment and permitting the easy relocation of the net to various positions in the cargo compartment.

Integral aircraft barrier net
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February 13, 1974
Publication Date
August 5, 1975
Weingarten Joseph L
Parker Arthur R
Rusz Joseph E
The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Air
B64d 09/00
B64D 09/00
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