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Glass fiber mat is impregnated with an aqueous emulsion of vinyl chloride polymer containing a small amount of water-immiscible organic solvent. The impregnated glass fiber mat is dried to remove water and organic solvent. Moldable reinforced thermoplastic material is obtained in which vinyl chloride polymer particles coalesce firmly with one another and adhere firmly to glass fiber. The material thus obtained can be molded into desired finished product under heat and pressure.

Method of producing moldable reinforced thermoplastic material and articles therefrom
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May 7, 1973
Publication Date
July 29, 1975
Iwai Shinji
Ito Shunichi
Kageyama Hiroshi
Tsudome Masuo
Hiraga Kazuo
Hani Hiroshi
Larson Taylor and Hinds
B29d 03/02
B29B 15/12
B29B 15/10
B29C 70/50
B29C 70/04
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