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A system is disclosed for preventing gasoline vapors contained in air vented from gasoline storage tanks from entering the atmosphere, which includes a conduit to pass gasoline vapor-laden air to a bed of adsorbent for gasoline and, when the adsorbent approaches saturation, subjecting it to back-flushing, with or without heat, to an extent and for a time adequate to remove enough gasoline from the adsorbent to restore it to a regenerated condition, and incinerating the gasoline removed from the adsorbent bed. It is also disclosed to employ two separate collection systems, one including a vessel for storing gasoline vapor-rich air and the other for passing vapor-laden air through an adsorbent bed and employing the vapor-rich air as a supplemental fuel to maintain combustion in an incinerator when insufficient gasoline is contained in the air used to backwash and regenerate the adsorbent bed to support combustion.

Vapor recovery and disposal system
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September 27, 1973
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July 29, 1975
Gwyn John E
Kattan Abraham
Reper Ronald R
Shell Oil Company
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