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A drug delivery device for administering a drug at a controlled rate for a prolonged period of time to produce a local or systemic physiological or pharmacological effect is comprised of a wall surrounding a reservoir containing a drug. The reservoir is formed of a drug carrier permeable to the passage of the drug and in which the drug has limited solubility. The drug carrier is liquid and contains both dissolved and undissolved replacement drug. The wall is formed in at least a part of a drug release rate controlling material also permeable to the passage of the drug, but the rate of passage of the drug through the wall is lower than the rate passage of the drug through the drug carrier so that drug release by the wall is the drug release rate controlling step for releasing drug from the drug delivery device.

IUD having a replenishing drug reservoir
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September 30, 1971
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July 29, 1975
Alza Corporation
Zaffaroni Alejandro
Mandell Edward L
Sabatine Paul L
Ciotti Thomas E
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