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A cache store located in the processor provides a fast access look-aside store to blocks of data information previously fetched from the main memory store. The request to the cache store is operated in parallel to the request for data information from the main memory store. A successful retrieval from the cache store aborts the retrieval from a main memory. Block loading of the cache store is performed autonomously from the processor operations. The cache store is cleared on cycles such as interrupts which require the processor to shift program execution. The store-aside configuration of the processor overlooks the backing store cycle on a store operand cycle and the cache store checking operations are performed next causing the cycles to be performed simultaneously.

Cache memory store in a processor of a data processing system
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January 17, 1974
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July 22, 1975
Ishmael Phillip C
Diethelm Matthew A
Lange Ronald E
Hughes Edward W
Woodward Henry K
Honeywell Information Systems
G06F 13/06
G06F 12/08
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