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A digital television display system is disclosed which decomposes the vectors to be displayed, into elemental vector segments which are encoded as vector symbols selected from a symbol set by a vector segment encoder. The encoded vector segment words are loaded in the order generated into a threaded queue buffer which sorts and stores the vector words in threaded queues having the same raster line location. The encoded vector segment words are transferred from the threaded queue buffer grouped by common raster line location and are loaded in an elastic refresh buffer. The elastic refresh buffer cyclically stores the encoded vector segment words in a packed cluster which expands as new data is loaded. Encoded vector segment words are cyclically transferred from the elastic refresh buffer to a symbol generator which decodes the words into symbols drawn from the alphanumeric and vector segment symbols in the symbol set. Patterns of raster illumination signals generated by the symbol generator are transferred to a partial raster assembly store which assembles the video output data to be displayed on a digital television monitor. The system has the capability of storing each vector in a compacted form while retaining its attributes and identity in storage. This permits the accessing of individual vectors and the storage of vectors having different colors, intensities, or other attributes in a single storage module.

Buffer memory arrangement for a digital television display system
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November 15, 1973
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July 15, 1975
Stewart Joseph R
Schwartz Alfred A
Hoel John E
International Business Machines Corporation
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G09G 05/02
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