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A fixed power level frequency pilot tone, typically 4000 Hz, is inserted into the transmission baseband closely associated with each voice channel of a multichannel telephone cable system. The fixed-frequency pilot tone is a control signal that is transmitted through a voice transmitter compressor of a compandor system, together with the voice signal, and the pilot control signal is utilized at the voice receiver end to correctly expand the voice signal back to the required signal power level. The doubling of a transmission error of a conventional 2:1 compandor system is substantially reduced, being typically held to a few tenths of a dB.

Tone controlled compandored system
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March 14, 1974
Publication Date
July 15, 1975
Zellmer Neale A
Stewart James A
Cannon Russell A
Cool Leonard R
GTE Automatic Electric Laboratories Incorporated
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H03G 07/00
H04B 01/64
H03G 07/06
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