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In a process for recovering oil from oil shale which comprises injecting a fluid A, such as steam, into contact with finely-divided, unconsolidated, solid particles in a rubbled oil shale chimney; withdrawing fluids from the chimney from a point above the injection point of fluid A, and adjusting the rate of fluid injection and withdrawal so that a circulation current is established within the chimney sufficient to suspend at least a portion of the particles in the fluids in the chimney, the improvement which comprises radially extending the region of current upflow throughout a wide region of the chimney. Preferably the current upflow is extended radially by increasing the permeability at the base of the chimney over a wide area.

Recovering oil from a subterranean carbonaceous formation
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June 6, 1974
Publication Date
July 15, 1975
Closmann Philip Joseph
Tham Min Jack
Shell Oil Company
E21C 41/14
E21C 41/10
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