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An identification system for identifying persons, articles, documents and the like using a coded hologram which contains the desired identifying indicia in coded holographic form. Encoding of the identifying indicia in the hologram is accomplished by means of a beam scrambler which introduces random path distances in either the reference or object beam during the formation of the hologram. The same or identical beam scrambler is used during reconstruction of the hologram to decode the identifying indicia. The identification system can be used for credit cards and personal access ID cards. Typical identifying inidica includes the user's name, signature, and photograph.

Identification card having a reference beam coded hologram
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July 27, 1973
Publication Date
July 15, 1975
Ward John H
Birch Richard J
Optronics International
G02b 27/00
B42d 15/00
G03H 01/04
G07F 07/08
B42D 15/10
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