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A device for supplying medicines or the like to the body of man or beast has a container for preserving a medicine as well as means for changing the volume of the container. The container has an opening through which the medicine is ejected when the volume of the container is diminished. The invention is particularly characterized by the provision of another container operatively joined to the first-mentioned container and having a variable volume for varying the volume of the first-mentioned container. The change in volume of the other container is produced by gas or liquid particles diffused or entering through electrical fields or by electrolytical gas development within the container.

Device for supplying medicines
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August 6, 1973
Publication Date
July 15, 1975
Richter Gerhard
Scher V Alexander
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
A61m 31/00
A61M 05/145
A61M 05/155
A61M 05/142
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