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A physical therapy machine includes a number of different manipulating means for attachment to various parts of the body of a patient who is to receive physical therapy. The machine includes a frame, a wheel rotatably mounted on the frame, and an electric motor which is connected by gear reduction means and clutch means to the wheel. The wheel is provided with openings at varying distances from its axis of rotation, and a cable can be attached to the wheel by means of the openings. The other end of the cable is attached to the particular manipulating means which is to be used, and as the wheel is rotated by the motor, the end of the cable which is attached to the wheel moves eccentrically about the rotational axis of the wheel so that the other end of the cable is reciprocated to move the manipulating means. The various manipulating means include manipulators for oscillating the patient's head from side to side, for raising and lowering his legs or arms and for extending and retracting his fingers.

Physical therapy machine
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November 1, 1973
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July 15, 1975
Spivey Joseph W
Graves Milton W
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A61H 01/02
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